These Colleges Are Giving Away Free Laptops To Their New Students!

These Colleges Are Giving Away Free Laptops To Their New Students!

Online learning has been mounting in recent times and one can see why. Along with several other benefits of enrolling in an online college, the one that is getting so much attention these days is the free laptop incentive. This article explains how to sign up and which colleges are offering this amazing incentive!


Why Offer Laptops to New Students? 

Some colleges offer free laptops to students as a welcome bonus. Given that, it has became more convenient than ever to get a degree online. All you need is a good internet connection, a smartphone or a laptop. According to a research study, laptops are considered the most important learning tool for college students. Around 95% of degree seekers have their own laptop. [1] 

Likewise, it becomes a fundamental need for an online student to have a computer. Institutions that offer online education make virtual classrooms, which support video conferencing, and exam administration, among many other features. You can attend class anywhere with a laptop at home, a library, or while travelling internationally. The idea is to easily blend education into your life, irrespective of your circumstances.

What Is the Best Laptop for Online Classes?

Choosing the right laptop based on your needs is extremely important. As a student, you should choose a laptop that meets your academic needs. There are many companies including Apple, Dell, Lenovo, and Microsoft, where you can find affordable and good quality laptops.

Finding a laptop that best suits your e-learning may need further research. Dig into your options to get a laptop that fits your price range, needs, and personal preferences. Visiting a store and properly testing laptops is a more advisable option.

Which Schools Offer Free Laptops With Inscription? 

Here, we will have a brief look at some schools that are providing free laptops for college students in the United States. 

  1. Bethel University

Bethel University was founded in 1847 in McLemoresville, Tennessee. They have five campuses and extensive online programming. Bethel offers every student a free Chromebook with a touch screen. A Chromebook is kind of like a laptop and an iPad in one. Each student is shipped their Chromebook directly. Students also have the option to pick up their Chromebook on their  orientation day. [2] 

Chromebooks have impressive features with every necessary setting. They are loaded with Moodle, Microsoft Office and Google Drive to make it easy for students to participate in coursework using these tools. 

  1. Chatham University

Chatham University has been around since 1869. Chatham University has a unique strategy regarding e-learning, in which each student that enrols pays a fee of $1,335 as part of their enrollment costs. This cost is responsible for several services including a personal MacBook Air.

Students also get a four year AppleCare warranty.[3] They are allowed to receive their laptops at their initial student orientation. Each computer comes with a Chatham logoed backpack where the laptops can be securely transported. These personal computers make it easy to move class sessions to the online format.  

  1. CollegeAmerica

CollegeAmerica has five locations in Colorado and Arizona. They have comprehensive online learning programming. You can get your associate’s degrees, bachelors, and masters both online or on campus. Besides that, you have an opportunity to take your classes in a blend between online and on-campus. 

As a student of CollegeAmerica, you will be given a laptop computer loaded with all of the software their course load requires. [4] The computers come with extensive technical support to navigate issues that come up regarding the software and hardware. Students can use their laptops as a portal to all of their coursework, including attending virtual lectures, taking part in classroom discussions, completing class assignments, taking quizzes, and even submitting assignments. 

  1. Dakota State University

Dakota State University is a public university in Madison, South Dakota. The school was founded in 1881. Dakota State University offers a wide variety of classes that are delivered entirely online. 

Each fresher is provided with a free computer for e-learning. The computer they are given is a T Series Fujitsu. [5] All computers have free access to wired networks and secure wireless connections across campus. Dakota State University offers laptops to promote the paperless academic experience. 

The faculty members also incorporate the use of computer technology in their planning and delivery of lectures. Students can take their notes using digital handwriting, record audio in class, submit and receive class assignments and collaborate with students through a secure server.


When planning on choosing a degree program, you may need to research your career choices. Approximately 95% of educational institutes provide about some extent of online programs. Some of these institutes offer free laptops as well. Do your research before registering in any e-learning program. Always beware of online scams.


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